Woman of Wisdom, Woman of Youth

JenYou were there. You, the person sitting down and dejected. Playing with your food, wiping away your tears – praying, playing, laughing, and sighing. You, taking that drink to forget, jabbing your arm, swallowing the pill, wiping your child’s dirty face. You, buying clothes, running for the train, meeting a man, sitting in the office – late, tired. Cooking a meal, driving your car, rolling tired into bed, then bored and alone – old.

You are the woman of wisdom that has the mind of youth still. That wants to climb the ladder in your career yet raise your kids and not miss a beat. You are the supporter and nurturer of your partner the wounded man of fire. And the things you bury silently in your heart do not easily get swept away.

You were there when the first rain came down in the garden, and you were there when your son was raised on the cross. You were there at the first birth and you were there to say goodbye to some of your loved ones as they journeyed elsewhere. You are young and you are old. You want to play yet you are wise. Life and experience has made you so.

So as you gracefully age, and it is gracefully, despite what your mirror tells you. You have a heart that is young despite the wounds it hides. You don’t subscribe to the criteria perhaps of a world wrapped up in intellect and competition. In your heart you know of so many other things. You are the woman of wisdom reading this now and you are the woman of youth dancing after dinner. In you is the representation of all women everywhere because we share that affinity of love and pain, of truth and peacemaker, of wisdom and change.

We are the pacesetters for this planet. We raise the generations and we set the standard. So as you look to your male other half – the man of fire who brings creation to this world, do your merry dance with him and carve the foundations of a new generation, again and again. He provides the fire of creativity, the seeds for the birth of a new world, flared by his passion for living, and you meet it with yours. Between you both of you can move mountains. The very universe would shake if only you could worship each other as yin and yang.

So woman of wisdom don’t bury your head. There is much work to be done. There is much creation to be played out. There is a journey still ahead. Your sixty odd years are just the start, your eighty years have much to impart, and as your life force begins to move on, don’t think for one minute your work is done. You and the man of fire have a new world to build. Creation needs you to balance the spheres.

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