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Lower your stress – we can help

Right now stress levels are going through the roof due to rising mortgages and rentals (pardon the pun). In fact everything is increasing in cost ever since Covid it seems. Some mortgages have gone up by over $700 a month or more. Your rent may have almost doubled, not to mention the line-up of a lot of other people when you are looking for a place to rent. What’s not gone up is your salary. What do we do about living in a society where we don’t have the funds to keep a roof over our heads?

It’s not only that. Groceries have gone up too. Electricity, doctors’ fees, medication – everything. Our stress levels, frustration, anger, anxiety have gone up to match. Something none of us need – right? So what can you do about it?

What can we do?

First on the list is looking at what you have right now. So what is your budget like? There are obviously some things more important than others in your life. Your family’s needs for one – good food, warm house, clean clothes, a comfortable place to sleep are some of the necessities to be healthy.

In these hard times, it is important to work out that your need for healthy food is more important than the new IPhone the kids are nagging about. Obviously children will not realise this but as a discerning adult you might need to simply say ‘no’ to them. It’s a matter of getting our priorities right. Your family’s health is so important that this is not one area where you can cut the budget. You need to make sure you do the correct medical visits, speech therapy, supplements and vitamins and good food. You can skip the holidays and the movies and going to that theme park in order to buy the quality veggies and fruit you need, even perhaps organic veggies and fruit. Remember that the food that goes inside your body today will decide your health in the future. Also the nutritional deficiencies you have due to not taking your supplements will not disappear on their own.

What does your body need?

If you are sick and already in some kind of pain remember that you are not in pain because you are deficient in some kind of medical drug. Sure the painkillers or whatever else you need to take will help the symptoms but they are not the CAUSE of your illness. You do not have a headache because you are deficient in Panadol. You could have a headache for any number of reasons and it takes a qualified natural therapist to work out exactly what your deficiencies are and to correct them. So whilst it is important to be dry, warm and comfortable and pay the rent or mortgage don’t forget all the other things you need to keep you alive with a good quality of life.

How to cut the shopping list

I am sure there are many things on our shopping list we can cut back on without it being something to do with our health. What if you stopped buying take away meals? What if you cooked for a few nights if you know tomorrow is going to be busy? What if you shopped only once a week instead of dropping into the shops daily? We all know the scenario of going in for bread and milk and coming out with 10 thinks we perhaps didn’t mean to buy.

Stress is another factor to take into consideration. Of course your stress is over the top with the mortgage hike and bills. Next time perhaps be more discerning who we vote for, although sometimes it’s the best of a bad bunch. Don’t dishearten though as this is just a temporary state the Real Estate Guru’s tell us. The rent went up but your wages will eventually meet it. Just for now pull in the belt on all those unnecessary items. If the price of your house went down just don’t sell right now. Wait a year or two. If the mortgage is too high maybe a relative can move in to help with the rent. Just for a little while. There are always practical ways around these things. Don’t be hasty and do something you will financially regret.

The employment gurus tell us that more people are currently employed. Do you believe it? I’m not too sure about that. I know people that aren’t employed and find it hard to do any kind of work. Unfortunately we have some people in our society that just don’t want to work. They are living off you and I. Some of your hard earned money is going to them. Also there are many jobs and no applicants. I have had countless business owners tell me they can’t find staff. So there is something askew with the people doing these employment figures.

What’s important?

In times like this it’s important to keep a level head. Take some paper and make a list of the UNIMPORTANT things that you spend money on. I am sure you will find some. We all have things like that which are on our list. Start cutting them out and just maybe leave one or two small ones in there as a treat. Treat yourself once a week to something small to smooth over what you are going through. Find new hobbies – one’s that don’t cost money, like going for a walk on the beach with someone special instead of the $300 dinner. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell us to STOP, look and listen to some different things in life than what we are used to doing. Perhaps it’s time to put down the more expensive side of your lifestyle and get back to nature, take the head out of the IPhone and sit and talk, share a plate of nourishing fruit instead of the junk food and climb that mountain to take in the scenery and fresh air. Reflect, meditate and communicate and pretty soon you will find that even though there are big, difficult things happening, there are many more wonderful, loving, nurturing things also in your life. It’s important not to let anyone ever take that away from you. Not the mortgages, the rent increases or the other bills because those are temporary and the love and communication you share with those around you are a much more important part of your life. So stop worrying and chill out for a while.


Many of us suffer from sinus and it spoils the beauty of spring and summer. Sinus occurs when the air filled spaces in the bones behind the cheeks and forehead and around the eyes become inflamed, swollen and blocked. The cause can be allergy, infection, irritation, atmospheric pressure changes or an obstruction. Inflammation in this area is called sinusitis. Symptoms are a blocked nose and congestion with pressure inside the face, persistent pain and swelling behind the nose and above the eyes or headaches.

If the problem is not attended to then it can develop into tenderness in that area, postnasal drip leading to cough, bad breath, impaired sense of taste and smell, sinus pain, yellow or green mucus or a high temperature.

Inflammation can occur due to infection such as a cold, allergy sensitivity to pollen, dust mites, moulds, pollution, cigarettes, chemicals, foods, animals etc. dental infections, changing air pressure in the ears from activities such as swimming or even high stress levels.

Although congestion can be relieved by decongestants it is possible to become reliant on these. There are many natural products that you can use to relieve sinus in conjunction with proper diet.

Vitamin C in high doses is important but be careful as this vitamin in excess can cause diarrhoea. Bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, citrin, garlic, Vitamin A (take care as this vitamin in large doses can be toxic) also help. Honey is good, Calcium lactate, Bee Pollen (but not if you are allergic to pollen), Brewer’s Yeast (but not if you have allergies here) is high in Vitamin B which fights infection, B6 which is a natural antihistamine, Vitamin E and Zinc.

Juices that are good to drink are lemon, black currant, orange, pineapple, carrot, beet, tomato, green pepper, watercress, small doses added to vegetable juice of onion and garlic juice. Good herbal teas are rose hip, chamomile, peppermint, lemon grass, ginger, and sage.

We can do a sensitivity test to tell you exactly what you are sensitive to and suggest supplements which will not only help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms but minimise the congestion long term.


Have you been feeling tired lately? Maybe had a sniffle or two? Could be that your immunity is low. The following questions are a guide to test yourself to see if your immunity is functioning well or if there are some areas that could use improvement.

• Do you have a lot of viral infections?
• Do you have bronchitis often?
• Do you have different skin infections often?
• Do you have recurring Candida or other yeast infections?
• Have you been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr?
• Do you have herpes? Or cold sores?
• Do you have a lot of colds and flu?
• Do you get cystitis a lot?
• Do you get a lot of upper respiratory tract infections or get an inflamed throat often?
• Do you get sinus, ear infections, or sore throats on a fairly regular basis?
• Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
• Do you feel you have no stamina or resistance when you are under stress?
• Do you often feel low on energy?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions then you are suffering from immune dysfunction. There are many natural products available now that can very quickly boost your immunity. A lot of research has been done in the last 50 years regarding this topic and unfortunately, the results of the research are often not made known to the general public, or if they are, people do not know where to look for the information.

Recently we have been doing a lot of work in this area to bring new products to our clients. We are able to access products in both Australia and overseas which may be able to help in your specific areas of need. These are not often available to the general public in health food stores. If you have been feeling below par, contact us at 0414680713 and let us help you work out which of these products are right for you.

These products are available for purchase from us although we do not sell vitamins.