What Is Sleep Quality?

                Sleep quality refers to the extent to which an individual can attain restful and restorative sleep. Many clients that come to us at Stressfree Management ask- what is sleep quality, and what … Continue reading

Thyroid – Understanding the Shield Within

Your Master Gland At the front of your neck is your thyroid, shield-like shaped gland that secretes two hormones, T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine). These hormones influence the metabolic processes throughout your entire body; instructing your heart to beat, your … Continue reading

Cured Maybe – But Not Healed

Last month a young woman who almost died at five in a lethal car accident walked into my clinic, asking for Hypnotherapy. She had been in pain, on and off, since then and it had taken six weeks in hospital for her … Continue reading

Menopause –– How Men Can Help

Women’s health issues are often a mystery to the men in their lives. Men often feel helpless to assist their wives or partners through difficult times of menstrual cycles and menopause. Some men are not even aware of the effects it has … Continue reading

Heart issues and doctor talk

There is often much confusion about some of the terms that doctors use to talk about our health. Often people use these terms but do not really understand what they mean. Heart problems are of increasing concern around the world … Continue reading

Indecision in an Imperfect World

It is the things we fail to do that we often regret. Daily we are confronted by a myriad of decisions. Whether it be as simplistic as deciding what to have for breakfast, to what colour shoes to wear, to … Continue reading

Dimensions of Time – Be Present!

She collapsed into the small boat only to have hands gently console her. She awoke to a lot of screaming and a blue sky and even more hands lifting her onto the jetty. She had been unconscious for perhaps a day … Continue reading

Raising Your Vibration and Ascension

There is a lot of talk lately about raising our vibration and preparing for ascension. Indigenous teachers, Guru’s, religions and even Quantum Physics all have an opinion on this topic. What exactly though does it mean and how does it … Continue reading

Stuck? Is it Groundhog Day?

Jason woke late and quickly showered. Almost forgot his wallet as he ran out the door for the bus. He was late for a meeting with the boss. Cathy, his wife, piled the kids in the car, lunches in her … Continue reading

You Have a Choice –– Always!

Clara shivered as the doctor entered the room. She did not relish being in this office. Nevertheless she had to be there. She just had to know. Two years ago Clara was pale, overweight, overworked and sour. She had spent … Continue reading

Change Your Perspective – Move Forward

Perspective is such an inconsistent word. When we are feeling down or things are not right we are often told to change our perspective. How do we do that though? It is not easy as perspective is coloured by our … Continue reading

Secret of a Strong Woman

Melanie had heard many other women over the years refer to her as ‘a strong woman’. She didn’t really consider herself as such. After all she had struggled through many years of hardships, sometimes only scraping it through on what … Continue reading