The New Empowered Feminine Archetype

Jen In our ever changing world where Christmas quickly turns to Easter to herald another new year there is an emblazoned energy sweeping our planet. It’s not the winds and storms that are coming with the global warming, it’s not the new power-hungry executive climbing the ladder at Wall Street and it’s not even the pinnacles of technology taking our youth by storm. It’s the new empowered feminine archetype – carefully carved and fashioned to stand taller than any of her previous generations as today’s woman.

The empowered feminine is not the superwoman of the past juggling kids, job and struggling for a career under the apron strings of a male counterpart who had her place mapped in a kitchen. The roles have matured, changed between them and grown to accommodate each other to some extent. The empowered man now stands by his woman with a sense of pride and curiosity as to where she can lead him.

Who is this new archetype? Well, just look around. She is you and me, yes you! The woman who took the kids to school this morning, is doing a course in her spare time and works a few days a week until ready to leap into her executive role. She is the woman who relishes time with the baby to shape the future of the planet whilst explaining to older kids why we now need an organic garden. She is the woman who stands up and waves a banner for the underprivileged and marginalised whilst writing her book or thesis. She is the woman who manages skype whilst handing her son his lunch. She’s you and me.

However if you look carefully this ‘new’ archetype isn’t really that new at all. The feminine throughout history was always empowered. She was not weak. She can bend, wax and wane and doesn’t break easily. Throughout the ages and now, more than ever, women have stood up as equals to take their place in a world that needs the softness and shadow of the feminine touch.

So there is a balance needed her and as strong as we are there are times our sisters need our help or they just may break. Wherever there is oppression, wherever there are women fighting to be still heard, wherever they are still enslaved, or looked down upon or treated with violence or shamed – it is our voices, the voices of the empowered feminine archetype that needs to ring out clear and true to keep the balance of feminine on this planet.

Mother Earth is suffering under human hands. If the balance is the be restored we must stand up on all levels and lead our children with a firm yet feminine hand, our men with honesty and equality, our businesses with integrity and our gentler sisters with education to cement the damage of previous decades. Oh and guess who is our choice to stand beside us? Our partners of course – in equality and truth.

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