Stress Management

Stress can make you ill, ruin your family life, cost you your job and your self respect. It is important to learn skills to overcome the pressures it presents. It is never too early to begin.

We can teach you ways to reduce your stress through the use of relaxation therapy, meditation, diet and nutrition, vitamin therapy, herbal supplements, aromatherapy, Reiki healing or specialised counselling. The skills you will learn will be ones that you will be able to use the rest of your life. They require practice and a little patience but if you can make the commitment to improving your health and lifestyle the rewards you will reap from them will be many.

Click into our “Lifestyle” section to see the types of programs we design which not only help you handle your stress but let you plan a better lifestyle by helping you work out your goals, empowering you to act on them, making them manifest and assisting in your personal development.

We offer courses and tools to teach you how to de-stress. We are specialists with over 30 years experience in Meditation. We teach 5 different kinds of meditation to suit your temperament. We also offer back up to assist you if you are having problems focusing and mediating. Backup is either via Skype online mediation practice or face to face. Skype sessions take half an hour and are $50. They provide step by step individual guidance to develop a stronger, more focussed practice.


When we are under stress we often tense up and hold our breath. It is important to remember to take a deep breath when you are stressed – into the depths of your stomach and then to slowly breathe out. You will find if you regulate your breathing in this way several times, then instead of tensing and holding your breath, you will start to relax. When you are anxious your breathing becomes rushed and shallow so by doing this exercise you will take in more oxygen and slow down your breathing, your bodily functions and bring a sense of relaxation.

When stressed or rushed it is important to take a break. Take some time out. Go and make a cup of Green Tea (full of antioxidants, which will make you feel better) or a cup of detanninised, almost decaffeinated ordinary tea (Madura – from the supermarket). Sit and relax and take your mind off what was troubling you. Then, after your break, take stock of what upset you and perhaps you will see it in a new light because you have given your body, emotions and thoughts a chance to distance themselves from the problem. Whilst you did this your subconscious mind was pondering the situation and a solution may now be nearer at hand.

It often helps to weigh up the facts. A simple list of ‘for and against’. Write down all the things that you could do which are in favour of the action you want to take to remedy the problem. Similarly, list all the things against you taking such action. Try to look at it logically so the list is cut and dried. Once you have come to the logical conclusion you can then leave room for your emotions to come in and weigh up the matter again. Usually, the logical conclusion is the intellectual way to handle it but sometimes that is not enough. A balance between intellect and emotion would be ideal though this does not always happen.

Call a family member or friend and talk it out. Sometimes a different person’s point of view will give you clearer insight. Listen to what your colleagues, peers and friends say about how you are handling stress. Listen to what your family says. These people know you and care for you. Often they can see a side of you that you are unaware exists. Perhaps they see things that you don’t because you are too close to the problem.

Often, when we are rushed or stressed we neglect the healthy foods, which we know we should eat and grab something that is quick and easy. Stress is wearing on the system so we become tired more easily and sometimes don’t feel like cooking or eating because we feel worn out. Try to have a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, some lean meats, some dairy products, cereals and grains. If you neglect your diet eventually you will become physically ill which will only add to the emotional or mental stress. Take a daily multi-vitamin to supplement some of the foods you may be missing.

Sleep is the great healer of our time. When we sleep our body can rest and restores itself to greet the challenges of the next day. If you have trouble sleeping, try some relaxation techniques or meditation to help you relax. There are also many good, natural remedies to help us sleep like Valerian and Melatonin. If you need to, take a rest during the day to refresh yourself, if your situation lends itself to do that. Otherwise, learn to meditate and become proficient enough at the technique to apply it within a ten minute break. You will be surprised at the difference that 10 minutes will make. You can even learn to meditate online by enrolling in our 6 week Meditation Course. Check out our “Online Services” for more information.

Regardless of how busy you are, it is important to take a minimum of 20 minutes a day for yourself. You work hard and you deserve it. Take this time to do something you enjoy. Do it alone. Away from friends and family. Be a little selfish of this time. It is your time. Try to keep a balance between the amount of hours you work, rest and relax in each day. The more you are able to do this the better you will feel. Look at how you organise your time. Delegate things to others to help you and prioritise what is important and what can be left until tomorrow.

Lack of exercise makes the body sluggish. Exercise releases endorphins, which make us feel good. Use your exercise time to get in tune with your body and your needs. Jog, work out at the gym, walk the dog, do tai chi or yoga. Anything to give your body a workout. If you are angry, try not to take it out on colleagues, family, friends or inanimate objects. Instead, go to the gym, put on the boxing gloves and go a round with the punching bag. If you power walk then walk off your anger. Don’t keep it inside. It will make you ill.

Do a course in meditation and relaxation. You can even learn to meditate online by enrolling in our 6 week Meditation Course. Check out our “Online Services” for more information. Consult a counselor to help youexplore ways that you can grow and develop in order to reach your highest potential. Let them help you with an objective opinion and teach you skills to aide in your personal development as well as handle your stress. Consult an aromatherapist who will enlighten you regarding which oils to use to help you relax. Try and have a spot where you go to ‘chill out’. Make it personal and pleasant with colours, fabrics, sentimental items which lighten your heart. Perhaps a corner of your office with positive, empowering photos, plants and a few travel brochures of places you would love to visit will lift your spirits. Alternatively, at home, try dim lighting, candles and pleasant music.

Try to look at the bigger picture. What would you advise a close friend if they were in your situation? Talk to yourself inside your head and follow your own advice. Usually we know what should be done in stressful situations but doing it is what becomes difficult. Be your own best friend
Let us design a program to help you overcome stress and reach your highest potential. Contact us now!

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