Online Services

Too busy for a consultation? Why not try our online services?

For a yearly membership fee of $100 you can gain access to all kinds of online advice.

Simply email us what lifestyle and health improvements you want to make and get professional online advice at the click of a button. Everything from stress management to aromatherapy formulas specifically designed for your needs.

• Had a bad day at work?
• Boss given you a hard time?
• Staff having problems reaching deadlines?
• Too many staff off ill at a crucial time?
• Office conflict?
• Too high a staff turnover?
• Spending too much money retraining staff?
• Family problems affecting your work ethic?
• Relationship hassles?
• Kids a bit much today?
• Finances won’t quite make it this month?
• Want help making changes in diet?
• Need natural therapy information on a specific illness?
• Need to look at your goals and become more productive?Or maybe just need a ten minute meditation to help you chill out?

Whatever your need you can access it via our email service.


You can even learn to meditate online by enrolling in our 6 week Meditation Course. You can do this via Skype for an hour a week for 6 weeks. We also offer assistance with your mediation practice online via Skype. Sessions take half an hour and they are $50 and provide step by step individual guidance for people wanting to improve their meditation. However if you are not comfortable with that we do offer face to face meditation courses either on a one to one basis (set of 3 for $185) or in a once a month group. Please call us TODAY to enquire which would be best for your needs – 0414680713

Whilst some of our sessions are by Skype and online we need to make you aware that there are some things we will not be able to assist with because they require continual face to face health monitoring and it would be unethical to try to provide such services. As a registered organisation we are bound by the rules of that organisation which prohibits online advice in some areas and for those areas you will need to have face to face consultation.

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