Reiki is the movement of energy in the body which precipitates the body’s natural healing processes. When one attends a Reiki session the client usually need do nothing more than sit or lie comfortably. Often they may experience heat in the area where the practitioner places their hands, or even cold. There can be tingling sensations, small aches and pains which dart around the body if the client is tuned in enough, or pressure in an area. The experience may be one where the client feels nothing at all. It makes no difference because the treatment is still working.

Reiki is taught from student to teacher by traditional methods. It is a process by which the practitioner opens themselves up to the movement of healing energy through their body in order to try to help the client. The practitioner simply becomes a channel for the healing energy and does not, as such, do the healing themselves.

Energy is universal and the movement of energy, coupled with proper balancing of the energy centres in the body of the client, precipitates a healing effect. The client usually feels relaxed afterwards, joyful and much more at ease. Often the aches and pains which were there in the beginning are gone, if not immediately, after a few hours.

Sometimes however, after the treatment, a healing crisis can occur. A healing crisis intensifies the symptoms in order to clear them from the body. This is a little like the reaction we get when we have food poisoning and the body tries to expel the poison, one way or another. In a healing crisis the body intensifies the negative feelings or aches and pains until they leave the persons physical, emotional or mental being. This may result in the person not feeling very well for a while but is a good event because, in the long run, the body heals itself. Emotional and mental upsets can also be cleared in this way.

It needs to be stressed that it is our bodies that do the healing. Natural therapies are often just the catalysts to hit the right button in our immunity to get things working again. Contact us now on 0414680713 for a treatment to experience it for yourself.

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