There seems to still be a certain pattern of thinking in our society where counselling is concerned. We unfortunately live in a society where many people subscribe to the idea that they can ‘go it alone’ and ‘she’ll be right mate’. Although the idea of ‘she’ll be right’ is somewhat of an Australian icon, unfortunately this is not always the case. Often things are not right and we don’t know how to get them to be right. Often our efforts to grow are confronted with frustration.

Smart people realise that we live in a society that is interactive. We all depend on other people around us whether it be for the electricity to work, the trains to run or the photocopy man to turn up. Similarly, we interact with people for a variety of other things.

There are some people who may be averse to the concept of accepting the idea that they may actually need counselling help from competent professionals to help them manage their frustrations. This is particularly helpful especially when faced with pressure from work and stress resulting from their failure to successfully interact with people around them. We can recommend and help you find psychiatrists and counsellors who can offer you professional counselling services to help you identify what is wrong and suggest remedies on how we can address these issues.

Counselling is exploring the ways that you can grow and develop to become the person you aim to be and reach your highest potential. It is the clever development of our goals by people qualified to understand our needs, who are prepared to act as a catalyst for us to improvise those goals.


Most appointments take an hour and can be in the comfort of your office, home or at our clinic.

The actual length of time it takes to reach your goals depends on how receptive you are and how much effort you are prepared to put into a program specifically designed for you. It also depends on the reasons you came. However, during your first session a complete assessment will be done and after the hour you will be given some idea as to the length of your program. Most programs, if properly carried out, will show some positive effects within about two weeks but it can take up to three months or longer before you achieve your goal depending upon the nature of that goal.


Above are some of the areas in which we offer specialised counselling specifically designed to suit your needs. Call us to see if we can assist you on 0414680713.

The program entails face to face interaction regarding areas you want to improve in your life. You are taught ways to handle negative emotions such as frustration, stress, confrontation, anger and fear. Vitamins or herbal remedies may be recommended to improve your health and often a few changes in diet and exercise are needed to help your body adjust quickly. If you suffer from stress then you will be taught meditation and relaxation skills which will last you a lifetime. Sometimes a Reiki healing session may be suggested – click on the “Reiki” button for a further explanation.

In the beginning you may need to come on a weekly basis for a few weeks but usually a regular monthly appointment is all that is necessary to maintain the progress you have made and to progress further.

Why not contact us now to work on your specific areas of need?

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