Sensitivity Testing

Are you sensitive to wheat, yeast, lactose? Does your stomach get upset when you eat chilli or do you get bloated when you have potatoes? Do you sneeze when you are exposed to certain plants? Are you sensitive to dust?

Or is it that you don’t really know why you are tired, lack energy, bloat, generally feel down in the dumps?

You could be sensitive to a whole range of things.

Let us test your sensitivity to a whole range of meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, additives, cleaning products, dust and much more. Let us check which vitamins your body is deficient in and what hormones or enzymes you may be lacking.

Our non-invasive sensitivity test takes just a minute to do and you will have the result in about 2 weeks. You will get a copy of the results and a report plus tips to guide you how to de-sensitise to what affects you.

Mums – are the kids sensitive to certain foods and you haven’t realized it? Why not let us check it out for you? No needles involved.

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