Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy Sydney

If you want to lose weight, you should look into hypnotherapy. Sydney is home to many skilled therapists who can help you shed flab and more importantly keep it off. But how does it work?

For many people, hypnosis is a form of entertianment. In fact it’s something we all experience naturally every day. Remember the last time you were so immersed in a book or movie you forget the outside world? You were in a hypnotic trance – an altered state of relaxation and receptivity.

Hypnotherapy is a way of tapping into this altered state in order to communicate with the subconscious mind. If you’ve ever felt you lacked will power, don’t feel bad about it. Your conscious everyday mind is not really running the show. Your subconscious is in charge.

The problem is that your subconscious mind runs on old patterns and scripts laid down years ago. Remember when you aunt Sally said you were a hopeless child and you scoffed down a bag of sweets for comfort? Your subconscious remembers. Now any thoughtless or cruel remark sends you straight to the pastry shop for succour.

Another way hypnotherapy can help you lose weight is by altering your self image. Perhaps aunt Sally chided you for being a chubby child. Now you have an inner image of yourself as being fat and feel that’s the way you were meant to be. Hypnotherapy Sydney can remake your self image so you see yourself as slim as a supermodel. Reality will soon follow.

By working on inner issues, hypnotherapy can help you attain your ideal weight. It’s a very pleasant experience. Your therapist will first lead you into a state of deep relaxation. Then when you mind is deeply relaxed and receptive, she’ll gently communicate with your subconscious to help remake old patterns or correct a faulty self image. She can also reprogram your mind to prefer healthy over fattening foods. You’ll emerge from the experience feeling wonderfully refreshed and optimistic.

If you want to lose weight with hypnotherapy, Sydney has many fine therapists. Call (02) 9609 4881 and get ready to lose some pounds.

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