Cost of Hypnotherapy- How it’s going to help to lose your weight?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful practice that dates back centuries; however, it’s also one that is most often misunderstood. When you go to a Hypnotherapy centre for a session, you are made to enter into an altered state- this is called the ‘hypnoidal point’. At this point, your brain is on the edge of sleep, but you are still comfortably aware of what is happening around you.  In this particular state, you begin to feel much more comfortably connected with your deeper subconscious mind. This effectively helps you work with all the issues within yourself, on a much deeper level.

Many people wonder if hypnotherapy will help them lose weight and how much it will cost them. Every centre has different rates for these sessions and there is no specific cost. Typically, a 45-45 minute counselling session could be in the $100- $ 150 range while the cost of  hypnotherapy would lie in the $  150- $ 200  + range (depending on where  you are going for it).These sessions last for an hour.

Clients who seek hypnotherapy are very much like everyone else in that they otherwise function pretty well in most aspects of their lives and can be successful career-folk. However most have some area in their lives that doesn’t work and this is where hypnotherapy helps. If you are trying to lose weight, these sessions can help you and you would be able to see a very positive impact as long as you believe, persist and see it through to the end.

Making a healthier choice

With hypnotherapy you are able to tap into your subconscious mind (which has immense intelligence); this helps you make very long-lasting changes and helps you reach your desires and goals. And so, if your goal is to lose weight, this mind control technique can help you make some fundamental change in your existing habits and propel you towards eating better and making healthier food choices.  In the session the hypnotherapist will make some simple recommendations on the lines of:

  • Eat only when you’re hungry
  • Make efforts to listen to your body
  • Eat whatever you crave
  • Just stop when you’re full
  • Make it a point to eat slowly
  • Enjoy every mouthful

Maintaining the ideal weight

The thing that is notable here is typically, no food will be off limits and you will be encouraged to eat things you like, but in moderation. Slowly and steadily, as you move through the sessions, you will notice a measurable improvement in the way you look and feel.  The weight will drop-off slowly yet surely, without any massive changes in your lifestyle.

You will also find that you are more satiated with modest amounts of food and that you are spending more time taking in the textures and flavours of the food.  Even after you have reached your ideal weight goal, you will find that your mid has trained itself to choose healthier options- which is what maintaining that ideal weight is all about.

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