New Book: Stress-Free Health Management

For more than thirty years, Jenetta Haim has worked to empower people to embrace positive, permanent lifestyle changes. Now she puts her decades of experience to work in your hands. Rather than sharing a litany of how-to remedies, she seeks to empower her patients and readers to be more educated, informed, and inspired directors on their own path to optimal health. Once you know the scope of available resources, you can take steps toward making the best choices for your personal needs. Becoming a healthier being is possible, once you have the skills and can take responsibility for your own well-being on all levels. Using the guidance within, you can begin improving the way you eat; enhancing the way you think about health; broadening your spiritual experience; fulfilling your goals and dreams; calming your thinking and emotions; and expanding your focus in all areas of your life. The power is now in your hands to start making simple, positive, and productive changes to create a healthier, happier, and more joyful life.


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