Workshop and Seminars

• Specifically designed programs to meet your corporate needs on ways to decrease employee sick days, reduce staff turnover, promote common goals and teamwork, increase staff loyalty and motivation.
• Staff evaluations regarding stress and health factors.
• Different corporate packages designed to teach your staff personal and corporate skills to handle stress and health naturally as well as develop their individual abilities.


• Make less errors, develop better time management, better concentration and increase productivity.
• Set positive goals in all areas of life and make them manifest.
• Have plenty of personal time after hours to enjoy life, eat healthier, sleep better.


• Analysis of stress and trauma and how it affects us
• Effect of stress on the body
• Symptoms and awareness of stress and how to deal with them
• Contributing factors to stress and how to handle them
• Analysis of family related stress and its effects on productivity at work
• Coping skills
• How our relationships affect our stress levels
• Fatigue and how to handle it
• Mental and Emotional conflict management
• Minimising stress levels – techniques
• Creating and manifesting a productive environment
• Goal setting, personal development and lifestyle management
just to name a few….


• The upper hand on your competitors, lower insurance costs, increased productivity and an increase in your ultimate bottom dollar line.


Stressfree management® guarantees its services for a three month period after each seminar. This means that we guarantee that if the participants put our suggestions into practice on a daily basis that within a three month period (and often much sooner than that) their health and productivity will increase and their lifestyle will change in a positive direction.


We also offer companies the option of taking an additional package with the facility of an ongoing backup service for their staff based on one on one consultations to enable staff to cope with specific issues.

Tax deductible for corporations


Why not get together a group of friends and learn to de-stress? We can help you organise meditation and relaxation classes in the convenience of your own home. Have fun, socialise and learn new skills regarding your health and fitness.

• Have more focus in your life
• Increase your energy levels
• Increase your memory capacity
• Increase your concentration
• Think clearer
• Manage your emotional wellbeing
• Eliminate negative stress
• Learn to meditate and relax
• Change your eating habits
• Learn how eating can eliminate certain illnesses
• Get to sleep easier and sleep better
• Increase motivation and eliminate depression
• Control your blood pressure or cholesterol without drugs
• Ease arthritis and muscular pains
• Eliminate PMT or menopausal symptoms
• Cope better financially
• Improve your health and lifestyle
just to name a few ….

Why not visit us on a one on one basis for a personal consultations tailored specifically for the area you want to develop in your life?
Contact us now on 0414680713 for a free health assessment.

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