Take Charge of Your Health with Naturopathy Woodpark

If you’re looking to take charge of your own healthcare, you should investigate naturopathy, Woodpark is home to many skilled and qualified practitioners who can help you reclaim good health gently and naturally.

Also known as Naturopathic medicine, naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system that eschews the use of drugs and surgery. It works on the principle that the body will heal itself if the conditions are right. Thus a major component of the therapy is empowering the patient to be responsible for his own well-being.

Naturopathy is an eclectic regimen using treatments from many sources. Any healing system that’s holistic and non-invasive such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, vitamin therapy and herbal medicines can be incorporated. Naturopaths also understand that causes of disease can be mental and emotional as well as physical. For this reason, they also recommend meditation and biofeedback.

One key tenet of naturopathy is that our bodies are controlled by vital energy. This force, similar to the concept of chi in Chinese medicine, flows throughout nature. Naturopaths maintain that blockages in the pathways of the body impede the movement of energy. The result is disharmony and disease. Restoring the flow of the vital force allows the body to heal itself.

One big plus for naturopathy is that it seeks to identify and treat the cause of a disease, not just the symptoms. That way, relief is likely to be permanent.

Treatment by a naturopath follows an initial consultation that lasts an hour or so. Other than learning about your medical history and any current drug regimen, your therapist will ask with your lifestyle especially about what you eat. He will then prescribe suitable herbal or homoeopathic treatments along with lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

In a real sense, your naturopath is a teacher as well as a healer. His goal is to help you achieve balance in your life. A balanced body is one that resists pathogens and heals itself. In naturopathy, prevention is always better than cure so through diet, herbal tonics, exercise and regular balancing treatments with acupuncture, your body will be able to resist any disease.

If you’re interested in naturopathy, Woodpark offers many options. Contact Stressfree Management on (02) 9609 4881 today for a consultation.