Reiki Liverpool for Health and Relaxation

If you’re seeking a relaxing way to energise and balance your body and your mind, you should look into reiki. Liverpool offers many opportunities to experience this gentle complimentary healing method.

Reiki works on the principle that we have life force energy running through us. If the level of this energy falls, through stress or poor diet or some other cause, then we’ll suffer from physical or mental ailments. The cure then is simply to restore these energy levels. In addition, reiki works to ensure that the life force flows freely around the body. It does this by removing blockages in the pathways.

Reiki is administered only by skilled practitioners known as masters. Their role is not to cure but to channel energy into the recipient’s body. This way, they serve as a conduit for the flow of the life force. It’s important to note that reiki itself doesn’t cure you. It merely restores and re-harmonises your body so that it can cure itself.

Though reiki was developed by a Buddhist, a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui, it has no religious component and can be enjoyed by anyone. A typical procedure runs as follows:

You lie in a reiki table or sit in a chair. There’s no need to remove any items of clothing.

The practitioner will carry out a sequence of actions with her hands both on and just above your body. There’s no rubbing or manipulation as in massage.

In general, a reiki procedure will involve the following:

  • You will be asked to lie on a reiki table or sit in a chair.
  • The practitioner places their hands on or just above your body in sequences of positions.
  • Unlike massage, a reiki treatment does not involve any form of physical manipulation.

Reiki sessions last either 60 or 90 minutes depending on your requirements. Most recipients reporting deep feelings of relaxation and well being during the procedure, though some experience tingling, twitching or warmth in various parts of the body.

If you feel you could benefit from reiki, Liverpool offers many options. Contact Stressfree Management on (02) 9609 4881 today for a consultation.