Enhance Your Life with Hypnotherapy Pendle Hill

If you ever thought hypnosis was just some sort of stage act, it’s time to think again. Its clinical application known as hypnotherapy offers an effortless way for you to cure bad habits such as smoking. It can also help chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and give you confidence. If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, Pendle Hill offers many choices.

Hypnotherapy works because it interacts with your subconscious mind, the real decision maker in your brain. For example if your conscious mind wants you to act confidently, you’ll fail unless if you’re harbouring doubts deep inside your subconscious. Hypnotherapy bypasses your conscious mind (the gatekeeper) and presents constructive suggestions directly to your unconscious. This way you can re program yourself.

Here are some ways hypnotherapy can help you.

  • You’re a smoker desperate to quit. Many smokers find they can handle the nicotine addiction but then it’s almost as if their mind makes them smoke again against their will. This is the subconscious mind at mind and that’s what hypnotherapy works on.
  • You want to lose weight but keep falling off the waggon. Many slimmers despair of ever being able to resist the temptation of foods that keep them overweight. Hypnotherapy can reprogram old patterns and images that are preventing you from gaining the slender body you deserve.
  • You have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is common in today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Many of us find our minds racing when all we crave is sleep. Hypnosis can help you relax and program your mind to tune out as soon as you head hits the pillow.

Before undergoing hypnotherapy, your therapist will schedule an introductory session. This is a time when he will learn more about your situation and needs and you will learn more about hypnosis. Your therapist will use to tailor sessions specific to your needs.

Hypnotherapy sessions generally last an hour. Generally you lie on a couch and your therapist will induce a trance. He will lead you into a state of deep relaxation and then start to communicate with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis sessions are extremely relaxing and most people leave feeling calm and optimistic.

If you feel you could benefit from hypnotherapy, Pendle Hill has options for you. Contact Stressfree Management on (02) 9609 4881 today for a consultation.