Thyroid – Understanding the Shield Within

Your Master Gland
At the front of your neck is your thyroid, shield-like shaped gland that secretes two hormones, T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine). These hormones influence the metabolic processes throughout your entire body; instructing your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your digestion to absorb food and your cells to convert that food into energy. For something so small, your thyroid plays a large role in your overall vitality! However, due to numerous factors, your thyroid can easily be thrown out of balance, leading to many aspects of your health also being affected.
Knowledge is power, so let’s find out more!

When the Master Goes Amiss
There are several different conditions that can arise when the thyroid becomes dysfunctional:
Hypothyroidism: This is the most common thyroid condition, and refers to an underactive or sluggish thyroid. As this slows down your metabolism, hypothyroidism results in symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, depression, intolerance to the cold, dry skin and constipation.

Hyperthyroidism: On the flipside, the thyroid can also become overactive, speeding up the metabolism. This displays symptoms like a rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, weight loss, fatigue and agitation.

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease: Autoimmunity refers to the body’s immune system attacking itself. In the thyroid, this manifests as either Hashimoto’s (creating an underactive thyroid), or Graves’ disease (creating an overactive thyroid).

Goitre: A goitre is the enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland. It can occur with both an under- and overactive thyroid, as well as an iodine deficiency.

Driving the Thyroid to Dysfunction
There are many factors that contribute to an unbalanced thyroid gland, however two of the biggest drivers are stress and an iodine deficiency.

Stress: Physical or emotional stress can reduce the level of hormones your thyroid makes, and can also flare an existing autoimmune thyroid condition.
Iodine deficiency: Iodine is a component of thyroid hormone, making it vital for healthy thyroid function. Unfortunately, the average Australian diet is extremely low iodine-rich foods, which can lead to an underactive thyroid or goitre formation.

Nourish Your Thyroid Naturally
There are key nutrients and herbs that can address the drivers of thyroid issues, helping your thyroid to function optimally.
Iodine: If you are deficient, supplementation of this mineral will help to support the production of thyroid hormones, and reduce your risk of hypothyroidism and goitre growth.
Magnesium: This mineral helps to reduce the activation of the stress system, saving the thyroid from strain. Magnesium also assists cells utilise iodine.
Withania: When the thyroid is underactive, this herb can work to boost the synthesis of thyroid hormones, whilst also helping the body to cope when stressed.

Tumeric: This herb is one of the strongest antioxidants and can assist you to regulate your thyroid function. It is anti-inflammatory meaning it helps to alkalise the body and is one of the key factors in fighting inflammation.

Thyroid Loving Tips
Three potent things you can do to support the optimal function of your thyroid gland are:
Iodine consumption: iodine rich foods include oysters, fish, seaweed, dairy and beans. If not currently consuming these foods regularly, make a plan to increase your iodine intake!
Sleep hygiene: Quality sleep is essential for good thyroid function; ensure you are getting 7-9 hours per night. Additionally, turning off all electronic screens and bright lights at least 1 hour before retiring will assist in good quality sleep.
Stress management: Take some time out each day to reduce your stress levels. This might be going for a walk, chatting with a friend, attending a yoga class or completing a guided meditation.

Show your shield some love
If you are experiencing any symptoms that can be associated with thyroid issues, speak to your natural medicine Practitioner. They will be able to provide you with further guidance on assessing and managing your presentation.
“Self-care isn’t selfish, both you and your thyroid deserve it!”

Talk to your Practitioner today about how you can reduce symptoms that are associated with thyroid issues! Contact us on 0414680713
(Wellness Review courtesy of Metagenics Australia)

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Cured Maybe – But Not Healed

Last month a young woman who almost died at five in a lethal car accident walked into my clinic, asking for Hypnotherapy. She had been in pain, on and off, since then and it had taken six weeks in hospital for her to come out of her coma. There were a few other issues that had continued such as a partial brain injury, a few tremors etc.

We began hypnotherapy and she had one other session since. She started on a natural mix of both Bach remedies and Shell Essences, some vitamin supplements to assist. We did EMDR for the trauma and also counselling. She has taken home recordings to relax her and assist with her therapy while she is sleeping.

Her text after our last visit told me that although she was feeling better, she was not cured. My ‘ha ha’ text back answered her that it had taken her 40 odd years to get like this and unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand. I wish I did. Even if she was ‘cured’ she needs to be more than that. More importantly she needs to be healed.

I have discovered there is a big difference between being ‘cured’ and ‘healed’. As a natural therapist and not a medical practitioner we are not allowed to say we ‘cure’ anything, by law. Only a medical doctor can claim to cure in Australia. I think it’s the same for many other countries in the world. I also think it’s about time we stopped worrying about ‘cures’. There are many people out there who can be cured, but not healed. They have a temporary ‘fix’ for their illness, a reprieve enough to make them think they are OK, and they go back after a while to their old habits that made them ill in the first place. So then modern medicine tells them they had a ‘relapse’. I would like to postulate that what the law says is very true for us natural therapists. None of us can ever ‘cure’ anything and we should never settle for that.

Instead we are healers. When something is said to be cured then they are said to be relieved of the symptoms of their disease. Whilst it is true sometimes the word is used synonymously with the word healed, that should not be the case, and that should never be enough for us. We are healers. When someone is relieved of their condition (cured) it has the propensity to come back. Hence people can have relapses or be in remission. Healers are more than that – when the person is healed, the inflammation underlying the illness, the energetic cause, the psychological or cognitive misconception is thoroughly removed. So thank you for making a law that defines us better. Nature does not cure – it heals, and nothing man made can beat that.

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Menopause –– How Men Can Help

Women’s health issues are often a mystery to the men in their lives. Men often feel helpless to assist their wives or partners through difficult times of menstrual cycles and menopause. Some men are not even aware of the effects it has on female’s emotions, their psyche and thinking, let alone delving into the physical issues. They see the mood swings, the hot flushes, the tiredness and run for cover.

There are a number of things men can do to assist their partners with menopause that will make life easier for both of them. Learn about menopause and be aware of what to expect. It consists of everything from mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats which lead to poor sleep to depression.

The first ways men can help is to know when to seek help. You need to be aware to what is happening and notice if there are any characteristic personality changes. Is she always miserable and upset? Is she depressed and lethargic? Is she not seeing things clearly and withdrawing from reality? All these things are a sign she needs help beyond that of a family chat and a shoulder to cry on.

If your wife is frustrated and the anger seems exaggerated maybe she needs to see a professional, a therapist. Offer to go with her as it will bring a closeness into your relationship. It doesn’t work to just tell her that it will be ok. She is not OK and will only be more frustrated with you. Try to divert her attention from how she feels and relax her. If it doesn’t work then let it go. When she comes back out of her mood she will appreciate that you tried to help.

It is important you realise her physical issues, lack of libido or anxiety is not because of you. Although she may appear to be angry at you and it’s directed at you, you are not the cause of her feeling this way. It’s her hormones. She does still love you and is just going through a tough time which will pass. When she is in a good frame of mind it might be a good idea to share how you feel with her. Talk to her about how she is treating you. Explain that she hurt your feelings the other day when she screamed at you for what once would have been a small issue. Whilst it’s important to be understanding though it does not mean that you open yourself up to abuse. Don’t let her get away with beating up on you all the time.

Remember menopause is just a stage of her life. It will pass. Remember if it gets too much for you that you also can go for help. Supporting each other will get you through. The stage of your life after menopause has much to offer both of you. The time will be yours to create a mature depth in your lives.

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Heart issues and doctor talk

There is often much confusion about some of the terms that doctors use to talk about our health. Often people use these terms but do not really understand what they mean. Heart problems are of increasing concern around the world and it is important to know what the doctor is telling you when he speaks. Often people feel rushed or embarrassed to ask so here is a list that may help you decipher exactly what your doctor is talking about when he speaks to you.

Angina is a severe pain in the chest that happens spasmodically and happens when there is insufficient blood to the heart

Arteriosclerosis is when fat in the blood sticks to the inside of the arteries and this makes the artery narrow and the blood flows slower. This means there is too much fat in the blood and too much fat in your diet.

Atherosclerosis happens when fat builds up in the arteries and they thicken and harden and the walls lose their elasticity so the blood flows less. Again there is too much fat in your diet.

Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle

Congestive heart failure is when the pumping power of the heart decreases and this leads to fluid building up in the body. It usually takes a few years to occur so check out what is causing your body to become puffy and take steps to bring your fluid levels down.

Hyperlipidaemia is high levels of fat in the blood.

Hypertension is high blood pressure over a period of time of 140/90. It is a goodidea to drink at least 2 litres of water daily and eat the right foods to bring your blood pressure down. There are also natural supplements you can take to assist and work with your doctor and natural therapist to lower blood pressure.

Ischaemic heart disease is a reduced flow of blood to the tissues due to a lack of oxygen reaching the tissues and is usually caused by atherosclerosis.

Myocardial infraction is a heart attack and happens from permanent damage to part of the heart muscle. The blood to the area is interrupted as there are narrow or blocked blood vessels.

Peripheral vascular disease is a disease of the large blood vessels of the arms, legs and feet which happens when the blood vessels are blocked and they don’t get enough blood

Stroke is a disease caused by damage to blood vessels in the brain. It can cause a person to not be able to speak or move certain parts of the body. It usually affects one side of the body.

You will notice on this list is a pattern in health of too much fat, not drinking enough water and not enough oxygen in the blood. Vitamins A, C and E are good anti-oxidants and will help with the PH balance of acid/alkaline in your blood. A good anti-oxidant is Goji juice but there are many others out there on the market.

As a general rule to stay healthy watch your fat and sugar intake, drink lots of water, take a multi-vitamin every day, take an antioxidant and balance your lifestyle with exercise at least three times a week.

If your doctor tells you there is something happening with your heart remember that there are many natural ways to assist his treatment of you. See a natural therapist to work with your doctor and soon you will be feeling better. If you have serious heart problems remember also to follow your doctor’s advice. You only have one heart in there and you need to keep it pumping to stay alive. Serious heart disease needs a mix of good nutrition and proper medical care.

Let us help you with your physical, mental and emotional healing. Give us a call today on 0414680713 or Email

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Indecision in an Imperfect World

Jenetta Haim CounsellingIt is the things we fail to do that we often regret. Daily we are confronted by a myriad of decisions. Whether it be as simplistic as deciding what to have for breakfast, to what colour shoes to wear, to big decisions like moving house or cities. Every waking moment of our day we need to decide…something.

Quite often we forget that we are always making decisions and are so well practiced at it. Every morning you decide whether you want to go to work, wear that outfit or write that email. Sometimes you don’t write that email because you don’t know quite what to say. So you wait for the right words to come and then write it. Especially if it’s an important one.

Procrastination however can ruin your life. If you wait too long you risk missing the most wonderful opportunities and they are gone in the blink of an eye. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of choices then perhaps they are all wrong for you. When you look into your heart of hearts what is it that you really want? Others recommendations may push or pull you in different directions not aligned with what you need for your fulfilment. They could add to the cycle of thoughts already spinning round your head causing more confusion.

We know what we want is for the best, but what is that? Our decisions always affect others so we are often swayed by what is the best for them. Wrong choices may bring sadness and regret in years to come so we look for perfect decisions in an imperfect, impermanent world.

This planet is one of change. Change and instability yet we look for a stable, comfort zone as a cocoon to hide in even when it no longer serves us. In that way some of us live in fear of trying anything new. We forget the new things we have tried before that haven’t worked yet we still survived. The fear of making the wrong decision sometimes locks us into no decision. In that case time moves on and decides for us as the opportunity passes. Often no second chances.

Everything around us changes. Day becomes night, good thoughts turn to negative (in the flash of a moment) and happy days can become tainted with sadness due to any circumstance that touches our hearts. So why are we so afraid to make a wrong decision? We forget that in one moment we can always change our decision yet again. Either way it becomes a decision whether you are empowered and decide to take a choice or whether you let passing of time decide for you. What does your mind and heart say when you connect your inner self? Stop thinking and listen. It’s your journey and only you can walk it. Blessings.

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Dimensions of Time – Be Present!

Jenetta HaimShe collapsed into the small boat only to have hands gently console her. She awoke to a lot of screaming and a blue sky and even more hands lifting her onto the jetty. She had been unconscious for perhaps a day or so. The ambulance came and took them all to the hospital. She was safe and sound and soon her health would pick up.

She screamed as she felt herself sinking deeper into the water. ‘Oliver! Oh my God! Oliver!’ And as she sank deeper and the water entered her lungs all she could see was little Oliver’s face with his blonde hair mouthing ‘Mummy!’ with one tooth missing in front. She sank deeper – the horror of the day in her mind.

They had come up on deck to warn them – her and her friend, but being from such a genteel culture neither of them had taken the grubby, sweaty man seriously until they went below. The steward hurried her to her cabin to fetch Oliver and as she turned the key in the lock he ran to her. The steward scooped him up rushing him down the ship’s corridor to safety and she just couldn’t keep up. She yelled at him to slow down but filled with the urgency of the moment he just told her to hurry up and kept running with the boy. She helplessly followed the steward onto the deck but she was way behind him.
By the time she got there he was lowering Oliver into one of the lifeboats and the boat was being lowered into the water. She yelled at the steward but it was too late. Helplessly she got into the second lifeboat. Oliver was screaming for her and she was screaming to him. She stopped when she realised her second boat was following his but the first boat was too fast. It took off way in front leaving her to her dreary watery grave with all the others that were lost that day.

She was there in both places. In one safe and sound, in another lost to the ocean. Now she was talking to me in my office telling me how much she disliked boats and the ocean. Now she was alive and safe in the 21st century fully realising that each of these women were her in times gone by. In another lifetime, in another century, in another place.

Time is linear some say. Others say time is circular. Where was your soul in the timeless ocean of yesterday? Where is it now? What do you believe? What is it that rings true in your intuition and in your dreams? And which is the dream? Is it now reading this article or was it last night in your bed as you dreamt you slept? Time for you to awaken, to grow, to tune in. Ultimately there is only now for any of us. Seize the moment – it is your present truth. Be here now!

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Raising Your Vibration and Ascension

JenThere is a lot of talk lately about raising our vibration and preparing for ascension. Indigenous teachers, Guru’s, religions and even Quantum Physics all have an opinion on this topic. What exactly though does it mean and how does it affect you? Well depends on your perspective.

Often it is not enough to look out from our own little corner of the world. When we do this we get lost in our own obscurity, our minuteness and tend to feel powerless, demeaning our greatest qualities and sinking into self- doubt. It empowers us to allow ourselves to feel that connection with something greater and if we tap into our intuition it will confirm that thinking.

We are not just beings swallowed by an ocean of obscurity. There is something more to your existence than a bunch of oscillating atoms, an emotional turmoil at times and the results of your positive or negative thinking. Perhaps the mistake we make is we take ourselves to be finite. That the soul is within and we are a cellular conglomeration of DNA mixed with our cognitive and unconscious faculties. Is it not the case rather that we are a body within a field, an aura, which we can photograph (for many years). So are we a body within a soul or a soul within a body?

It doesn’t really matter because both statements suggest there is something more than our mundane existence. More than a bunch of oscillating and vibrating matter distinct from other things. Even the sceptic cannot deny the science here. What are the possibilities if we change that oscillation? Ask enough questions and you open yourself to any number of possibilities. Ascension is one of them.

There are many ways we can impact our ability to progress and heal. Whether it be earthing ourselves barefoot on grass or swimming the ocean to increase negative ions and antioxidants, to just giving up alcohol due to its depressant qualities. It could be burning sage to clear energy or listening to Solfeggio frequencies while you work. Perhaps some flower essences for emotional wounds or affirmations to connect head and heart? Are you too stressed? Too busy? Too afraid to step into your power and to be you? Then perhaps some meditation and mindfulness to connect better and overcome your fear?

This is why you need to investigate how raising your vibrations and ascension will impact on your life. What stability and understanding will occur? If you find your investigation has nothing to offer just forget it. However if it promises to enhance your path, make you a better, happier, more harmonious person then don’t you really owe it to yourself to investigate further? Seek out good teachers not the flashy signs and big names. The ones who know that also resonate with you, that make you feel empowered and respected. Learn from them and assimilate their teachings as your own. Be empowered to connect better internally and externally. Achieve and grow to be…a better…you.

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Stuck? Is it Groundhog Day?

JenJason woke late and quickly showered. Almost forgot his wallet as he ran out the door for the bus. He was late for a meeting with the boss. Cathy, his wife, piled the kids in the car, lunches in her hand and took off down the road. The kids ran in just as the bell sounded. Cathy sat on the motorway for half an hour. Does this mirror how your life is in the mornings? Every morning? Are you stuck like in the film ‘Groundhog Day’ doing the same old routine like mice in a maze? How much is your life like Cathy and Jason?

Jason’s meeting was over. He looked at his phone. It was lunchtime already. He grabbed a sandwich, IPad and phone. Oops! He forgot the Cleary file so back to get it. Cathy arrived at work to find someone stole her car spot. Ten minutes looking for a new one, grabbed her things and into the office. Forgot the phone on the dash – back to the car.

Busy day for Jason and Cathy filled with meetings and deadlines. Cathy left early to get the kids, dropped one at soccer, filled the car, collected gift for the Saturday party only to arrive home a little rattled. Three rowdy kids dashed to the kitchen, grabbed snacks and up the stairs. Showers and noise followed by homework. Cathy reached for chocolate and coffee as she started cooking dinner. Meanwhile Jason hassled the crowds and the bus home, shared a quick dinner, kids off to bed, stacked the dishwasher and collapsed in front of the TV. Ten-thirty pm, early start tomorrow so off to bed for them both.

Does this sound familiar? Is this how your life seems sometimes? Day in, day out? Are you trapped by your routines and longing for something different? Chasing your tail perhaps in a job you don’t like, in a relationship that is stifling, in the concrete city when you long for the country? What keeps you there? How long have you been stuck? Is it week or years?

Being stuck is not something people do by choice although each of us is responsible for the choices we make. None of this is a conscious choice. No-one would choose to be stuck however quite often the way we live our lives, our belief system, hold us locked into patterns that are negative and don’t serve us in any way. Many of us don’t realise that we simply need to step off the treadmill, not catch that bus one day, take a different street, choose a different town, put some healthy boundaries in place or simply just say, ‘No’. No to our families, bosses, kids, friends and even to ourselves to adopt healthier values and a healthier lifestyle to make us happy. When will you step off the treadmill? What choice can you make today…right now to empower yourself and be free? Start with something simple. One step at a time.

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You Have a Choice –– Always!

JenClara shivered as the doctor entered the room. She did not relish being in this office. Nevertheless she had to be there. She just had to know. Two years ago Clara was pale, overweight, overworked and sour. She had spent twenty years raising the kids, surviving divorce, a couple of bad break ups and building a career. Now should be the prime of her life.

Over the years Clara had cared for too many and neglected her self-care. While she looked after her kids, her partners and her customers she didn’t stop for more than a day or two for herself. She ate on the run, shopped for packaged meals, never exercised and lived on five hours sleep a night. Her social life was almost zero. By the time Friday came Clara was content to collapse in front of the television and fall asleep mid-movie.

Finally two years ago the crunch came. Clara was not functioning – unexplained aches and pains, low immunity and blood tests revealed thyroid conditions, high cholesterol and possible heart disease. The doctor handed her pills and a strong warning – Clara was headed for a heart attack. She was ill and found it harder and harder to function.

Clara had felt over the years she had never had a choice. Now the doctor was telling her the same thing. She was tired of hearing what she ‘should’ do but this was serious. Something inside Clara snapped as she realised she was in trouble. She knew things had to change.

She met Aaron through a business acquaintance. He was charming and handsome enough to catch even her uninvolved eye. Aaron added fuel to her new found motivation as she began to enjoy life again. He loved organic food, exercised and had a healthy positive attitude.

Now, two years later, Clara had lost 18 kilo, had two days off a week, spent time with her grandson and exercised regularly. She had left the doctor’s office back then determined to succeed. Now her latest test results were in the doctor’s hand. He glanced at Clara as he sat down, paused and smiled.

Looking up over his thick rimmed dark glasses he told her how great the results were. Thyroid and cholesterol perfect, heart function tests good. Clara took a deep breath, thanked him and left to the doctor’s compliment of ‘lost some weight Clara? – looking good’. As she walked down the 20 steps, two years ago it would have been the lift. Clara smiled to herself.

Never get trapped thinking there is no choice. Every day whatever you do and how you do it is your choice – always. Your mindset, your emotional control, your clarity, your spirituality, your body, your energy and your choice. You can equally choose not to do something just as much as you choose to do it. What are the choices you need to make differently? It’s your
life. Love it or walk away and change it!

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Change Your Perspective – Move Forward

JenPerspective is such an inconsistent word. When we are feeling down or things are not right we are often told to change our perspective. How do we do that though? It is not easy as perspective is coloured by our environment, our education, our baggage, our fears, our goals and our dreams. Often we get because of our perspective and it is difficult to move on. These patterns are energetic, psychological, emotional and physical.

In Indian Vedanta philosophy there is a concept regarding perspective which may help. The words ‘maya’ and ‘mithya’ are Sanskrit and describe our perspective. ‘Maya’ literally translated means ‘that which is not’. It means that since the world is always changing nothing is ever. So one day the sky is blue, the next day red with heat, other times grey with clouds and at night, black. Just like the sky, our lives are always changing. Yesterday you were a child, now you are an adult. Everything changes, good and bad. Problem is when we are stuck and hurting, we forget this. This word ‘maya’ describes the fact that we forget that everything, including us, changes, transforms and nothing is permanent in this world.

The word ‘mithya’ describes another type of change. It is an internal one. ‘Mithya’ is the perspective we have in our head, which often differs from the way other people see life. We have different beliefs, values etc. to others and we can become stuck in those. We hold onto the way things ‘were’ rather than moving forward to how our life is ‘now”. We can become deluded by our own psychological, energetic, emotional programs which translate into our habits. This can cause us to feel isolated, stuck, separate and lost.

So when it comes to perspective we are confronted with two issues. One is the perspective we have on the world outside us (maya) and how we respond and act. The other is the perspective which we internalise and our notions about life (mithya). It’s often about our misconceptions about life in our head and who we are as a person. Both of these cause us stress and grief, so we feel stuck. Neither of these are permanent, as everything around us changes. We forget that fact because we become so immersed in our way of thinking, our negative feelings, our guilt and our arguments with others.

If we can just remember these two things, we can start to change our patterns and our world. Remember that the way you think, feel and act is coloured by your past. Remember that the thoughts swimming round your head are habits in your thinking. Remember also that your energy has a pattern that can change and there are lots of places and people trained to help you with that. If these things change, then in months to come, your life will change. Give it a year or two and your whole life can be so beautifully different.

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Secret of a Strong Woman

JenMelanie had heard many other women over the years refer to her as ‘a strong woman’. She didn’t really consider herself as such. After all she had struggled through many years of hardships, sometimes only scraping it through on what could be considered an unsafe planet. Sometimes it felt like she was an alien landed in a strange nightmare and other times it was like just being glad she had an anchor to grab while drowning in a sea.

Childhood days were filled with struggle in a family where children were ‘seen and not heard’. Teenage years followed of ‘nerdy’ loneliness. An unsupportive, resentful mother who on one hand encouraged her and on the other told her there would never be any money for such things as ‘university studies’. An absent father who had been alienated by an oppressive European family so much that he had to leave. Thank God for the doting grandparents or she never would have made it. She was grandads ‘apple of his eye’ and grandma taught her about cooking, cleaning fish properly and what it meant to be a woman of the house, back then.

Perhaps somewhere amidst this negative fear-filled life she had learnt something though. She recalls reading a comic book of a woman called ‘Joan of Arc’ who’s story was to get on her white horse and wave her sword and fight battles, and win. So over the years, through the trials and tribulations of life she fashioned her own sword and began to wave it.

This is the secret of a strong woman. It is not that we have a honey-filled life of everything going our way. It’s quite the contrary. We come to a point where we decide, somewhere inside that ‘enough is enough’ and we pick up that imaginary sword and begin to fight our battles, our way. We develop a sense of when to fight and when to back off but it’s never a retreat. It’s to regroup, develop a new strategy, a new way. If one way doesn’t work then another one will. At times other people won’t like what we have to say or want to honour our boundaries but we have developed our own style and technique and it doesn’t matter.

At some point in our lives we have reconciled our head and our heart. We have come to a quiet acceptance of who we are and what we are. We have climbed off the prestigious bandwagon and formed our own brand, our own creed. We live by values and decided to sidestep the dishonest glamour of the world and come into our own. We have reconciled ourselves to live our journey, honour our birth and the gifts we have with dignity. We abide no matter which way the world pushes and pulls us and for this reason…we endure… and will continue to endure.

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Testimony to Love

Alison’s Story
By Jenetta Haim

JenAlison was feisty as a young woman. She was a straight ‘A’ scholarship student with a critical, possessive mother. Her feisty nature caused her to quit school in an attempt to rid herself of her restrictive, traditional family. However Alison had a predisposition to view success for women as marriage and kids being the pinnacle of life, so in a short while she was dating and then she met Craig. Craig was a dark, handsome man who dressed suavely and a real charmer. He complemented her emotional nature by his calmness and the family approved, so about a year later they were engaged. Six years later Emily was born.
However mum and dad weren’t doing so well.

Alison felt frustrated in a passionless marriage although Craig was her best friend. They made the same mistake so many couples do of looking to the other person to fulfil them. Alison was so angry. A new parent with low self-esteem and they split up.

It took many years for Alison to build her self –esteem. It had not been Craig’s fault. It was the result of an overbearing, traditional family invading her boundaries and stifling her personality. Alison and Craig raised Emily together although they were divorced. Craig remarried. Alison had a de-facto. Craig divorced again. Alison split with her boyfriend and had a new one. Craig became seriously ill and Alison raced to his bedside. They got through it. Emily grew and took her place in the world. However through all the fights and bitter scenarios Craig and Alison remained friends. The kind of friends that have a coffee together, talk about life and the world, ask each other’s advice, support each other when ill and occasionally buy each other a gift.

Turned out Alison and Craig spent their whole lives together, although divorced from each other. Emily had her own life as mum and dad grew old. Alison remarried, the friendship continued. They are always there for each other.

Is that not in some way a testimony to love? Despite the fights, the bad times. Emily grew up with mum and dad and they were always there for each other. Their friends and even strangers, on both sides, tell them even today how shocked they are that a person can be such good friends with their ‘ex’. They are the testimony to prove that we always have a choice of how we treat each other.

So if your relationships are rocky own the part you play in that. Are you frustrated with life or simply overwhelmed? What needs to happen for you to have more love and friendship in your life? Are you so busy every day that you miss the signals? Do you let those opportunities pass you by? Is it fear that holds you back? You have a choice like Alison to have the faith and strength to overcome your negativity and have a loving life. Remember… we always have a choice.

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Woman of Wisdom, Woman of Youth

JenYou were there. You, the person sitting down and dejected. Playing with your food, wiping away your tears – praying, playing, laughing, and sighing. You, taking that drink to forget, jabbing your arm, swallowing the pill, wiping your child’s dirty face. You, buying clothes, running for the train, meeting a man, sitting in the office – late, tired. Cooking a meal, driving your car, rolling tired into bed, then bored and alone – old.

You are the woman of wisdom that has the mind of youth still. That wants to climb the ladder in your career yet raise your kids and not miss a beat. You are the supporter and nurturer of your partner the wounded man of fire. And the things you bury silently in your heart do not easily get swept away.

You were there when the first rain came down in the garden, and you were there when your son was raised on the cross. You were there at the first birth and you were there to say goodbye to some of your loved ones as they journeyed elsewhere. You are young and you are old. You want to play yet you are wise. Life and experience has made you so.

So as you gracefully age, and it is gracefully, despite what your mirror tells you. You have a heart that is young despite the wounds it hides. You don’t subscribe to the criteria perhaps of a world wrapped up in intellect and competition. In your heart you know of so many other things. You are the woman of wisdom reading this now and you are the woman of youth dancing after dinner. In you is the representation of all women everywhere because we share that affinity of love and pain, of truth and peacemaker, of wisdom and change.

We are the pacesetters for this planet. We raise the generations and we set the standard. So as you look to your male other half – the man of fire who brings creation to this world, do your merry dance with him and carve the foundations of a new generation, again and again. He provides the fire of creativity, the seeds for the birth of a new world, flared by his passion for living, and you meet it with yours. Between you both of you can move mountains. The very universe would shake if only you could worship each other as yin and yang.

So woman of wisdom don’t bury your head. There is much work to be done. There is much creation to be played out. There is a journey still ahead. Your sixty odd years are just the start, your eighty years have much to impart, and as your life force begins to move on, don’t think for one minute your work is done. You and the man of fire have a new world to build. Creation needs you to balance the spheres.

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The New Empowered Feminine Archetype

Jen In our ever changing world where Christmas quickly turns to Easter to herald another new year there is an emblazoned energy sweeping our planet. It’s not the winds and storms that are coming with the global warming, it’s not the new power-hungry executive climbing the ladder at Wall Street and it’s not even the pinnacles of technology taking our youth by storm. It’s the new empowered feminine archetype – carefully carved and fashioned to stand taller than any of her previous generations as today’s woman.

The empowered feminine is not the superwoman of the past juggling kids, job and struggling for a career under the apron strings of a male counterpart who had her place mapped in a kitchen. The roles have matured, changed between them and grown to accommodate each other to some extent. The empowered man now stands by his woman with a sense of pride and curiosity as to where she can lead him.

Who is this new archetype? Well, just look around. She is you and me, yes you! The woman who took the kids to school this morning, is doing a course in her spare time and works a few days a week until ready to leap into her executive role. She is the woman who relishes time with the baby to shape the future of the planet whilst explaining to older kids why we now need an organic garden. She is the woman who stands up and waves a banner for the underprivileged and marginalised whilst writing her book or thesis. She is the woman who manages skype whilst handing her son his lunch. She’s you and me.

However if you look carefully this ‘new’ archetype isn’t really that new at all. The feminine throughout history was always empowered. She was not weak. She can bend, wax and wane and doesn’t break easily. Throughout the ages and now, more than ever, women have stood up as equals to take their place in a world that needs the softness and shadow of the feminine touch.

So there is a balance needed her and as strong as we are there are times our sisters need our help or they just may break. Wherever there is oppression, wherever there are women fighting to be still heard, wherever they are still enslaved, or looked down upon or treated with violence or shamed – it is our voices, the voices of the empowered feminine archetype that needs to ring out clear and true to keep the balance of feminine on this planet.

Mother Earth is suffering under human hands. If the balance is the be restored we must stand up on all levels and lead our children with a firm yet feminine hand, our men with honesty and equality, our businesses with integrity and our gentler sisters with education to cement the damage of previous decades. Oh and guess who is our choice to stand beside us? Our partners of course – in equality and truth.

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Advantages of Hypnotherapy

The modern day world is full of stresses and strains and people everywhere struggle to prove themselves at work; sometimes stresses in their personal lives compound these problems. There are times when people are in a constant struggle with themselves, but somehow they can never seem to change it. The fact is that change is something that can be extremely difficult to control. Hypnotherapy is process that works closely with you, on a very sub-conscious level; this helps you work towards those goals you want to achieve. It’s a much better way to be in touch with your underlying thought processes.

While there are the disbelievers, the truth is that hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful and age old practice. It helps people enter the “hypnodial point”, which is an altered state of mind. When the person is in this state, he/she is on the brink of sleep, but very much aware of what is happening around. This state of mind is more conducive to being connected with your sub conscious mind. It’s one of the best ways of working through issues that reside in your sub conscious, but on a much deeper level.

The Benefits

It also means that the processes that hypnotherapists use, work very effectively through the hypnodial point; they can be used for healing, promoting positivity as well as a number of other changes in life. There are a number of benefits to this treatment:

  • It is a highly effective, quick and safe treatment
  • effective form of treating emotional and psychological problems, with very little side-effects and risks
  • It speeds up the healing process for a number of physiological problems
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Profound levels of relaxation
  • Aids in improving health
  • It’s a non invasive therapy that complements orthodox medicine
  • Makes a person more confident and independent
  • The person is able to cope with various issues in a much better way
  • Helps convert insight into action

Advantages of Hypnotherapy

So, who can be a suitable candidate for hypnotherapy treatment?

  • The person who is responsive to various hypnotic induction methods
  • The client is able to relate positively to the hypnotherapist
  • The problem they have is treatable by hypnotherapy
  • The person is motivated to solve conscious & subconscious problems

If you need some more information about hypnotherapy and feel that it can benefit you, but aren’t too sure how, simply call Stress Free Management at 0296094881.  Speak with our experts and book an appointment. That is the one way to identify and understand whether this treatment is something you would be able to try, follow and believe in; because that’s the only way it will be beneficial to you.

Click here for more information about the areas we service.  You can also contact us via email or this online form. For any additional information, simply visit our website and browse around. You can also learn more via the hypnotherapy CDs you can buy from our site.

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