Hey Jenetta,

I feel like I am back to my old self now which was my main intention when I first started coming to you. You did wonders for me. You listened and I didn’t feel like I was seeing a naturopath, I felt like I was seeing a girlfriend. Sometimes it was just nice to get things off my chest and not be judged and that was a great stress relief. Thank you for the wonderful reiki sessions. I am a much happier individual 🙂

Take care xx
S.M Merrylands

‘My start weight was 77kg; I am now 61kg and still losing. My goal is 55 kg. Surprisingly it has not been difficult at all. I am not feeling sluggish or gross anymore. I am feeling really well. Less than 70kg was a huge shift for me. I had never been that low before and never thought I could do it. Once I was there I figured I would just keep going.’

H.T. Greystanes November 2014

I was so angry when I first came. Angry that I had to be here to talk about my personal stuff. Angry at Jenetta because I really didn’t want to answer her questions. I hadn’t really wanted to come. I thought, ‘why the hell do I have to even be here?’ Anyway after about 10 minutes thanks to Jenetta I felt so much calmer and realised ‘Thank God I am here’ 🙂

A.D Bonnyrigg NSW

Stressfree Management are very professional and accommodating to clients. They have helped me with a number of things and i highly recommend them.

Stacey Renner August 2016

I wasn’t a believer in hypnotherapists but when I got ill my wife decided I needed to see one. Glad she found Jenetta. Jenetta has worked wonders for me. She’s very experienced, caring and passionate. I’m very happy with her work.

Kuzman67 April 2017



• “The course helped me understand life in a different way and made me a better person”
• “I can see myself changing for the better”
• “It gave me the ability to see myself in a different light and a desire to be more in control of my life, armed with the self-knowledge gained through the course”
• “The relaxation stopped my jaw from being always tense”
• “The only time my ears stop ringing from the Tinnitus is when I meditate”


• “I liked best learning to understand stress and the management of same. The discussion on aromatherapy was very informative.”
• “I learnt more about being there for me and taking time for me.”
• “It was informative and Jenetta does not say, ‘you will feel’ a particular way – it leaves it open.”
• “It was useful to learn how to cope with stress.”
• “The most useful thing I got from this seminar was motivation to look at my personal life and what I can change.”
• “The speaker knew what she was talking about and believed in what she was saying.”
• “The most useful thing I got from this seminar was that the way I choose to live my life as stressfree as possible in this fast paced world is exactly how we all should live life.”


• “The most useful tool I learnt at this seminar was how to deal with stress in a number of ways.”
• “At this seminar I learnt to say: No”
• “At this seminar I learnt to deal with my day to day stresses and be conscious of what caused me stress.”
• “The most useful information I gained from this seminar was how to regenerate and energise.”
• ‘The pace was even, relaxed, exciting and fun. I learnt how to project unwanted things from my life.”
• “I learnt the ability to relax and control stressful situations.”
• “I learnt to understand myself and the triggers that cause me stress and how to develop coping strategies.”

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