Stuck? Is it Groundhog Day?

Jason woke late and quickly showered. Almost forgot his wallet as he ran out the door for the bus. He was late for a meeting with the boss. Cathy, his wife, piled the kids in the car, lunches in her … Continue reading

You Have a Choice –– Always!

Clara shivered as the doctor entered the room. She did not relish being in this office. Nevertheless she had to be there. She just had to know. Two years ago Clara was pale, overweight, overworked and sour. She had spent … Continue reading

Change Your Perspective – Move Forward

Perspective is such an inconsistent word. When we are feeling down or things are not right we are often told to change our perspective. How do we do that though? It is not easy as perspective is coloured by our … Continue reading

Secret of a Strong Woman

Melanie had heard many other women over the years refer to her as ‘a strong woman’. She didn’t really consider herself as such. After all she had struggled through many years of hardships, sometimes only scraping it through on what … Continue reading

Testimony to Love

Alison’s Story By Jenetta Haim Alison was feisty as a young woman. She was a straight ‘A’ scholarship student with a critical, possessive mother. Her feisty nature caused her to quit school in an attempt to rid herself of her … Continue reading

Woman of Wisdom, Woman of Youth

You were there. You, the person sitting down and dejected. Playing with your food, wiping away your tears – praying, playing, laughing, and sighing. You, taking that drink to forget, jabbing your arm, swallowing the pill, wiping your child’s dirty face. … Continue reading

The New Empowered Feminine Archetype

In our ever changing world where Christmas quickly turns to Easter to herald another new year there is an emblazoned energy sweeping our planet. It’s not the winds and storms that are coming with the global warming, it’s not the … Continue reading